Friday, July 21, 2017 This Week's Paper

Letter to the Editor: Barbara Evanger

Dear Editor,

This is my first time hearing about the poor little pig breaking its leg from the many potholes in the city of Tacoma. Indeed, this pothole pig represents the millions who have suffered, sprained and broke parts of their own bodies just trying to walk around this town. Hence, all the damage to everyone’s tires and shocks.

Yes, Tacoma has a gigantic pothole problem that not too many council people seem to care about. Oh, that's right, they drive a car paid for by us taxpayers. I was starting to name this Tacoma Pothole City. Grateful, that you have already attached the wording to the town of Tacoma.

Fortunately, I am getting pretty darn good at remembering where these potholes are and avoiding them. Especially my street, seriously thinking of buying some black top and do some repairs myself.

Another pet peeve is drivers that insist on blocking intersections. Guess they do not see the signs posted. In California they actually spray paint the words (Keep Clear) onto the road at most intersections. I agree this does make it much easier to read and hopefully understand.  

Just another pothole lover that sends prayers out to those of us that have to deal with this problem.

Barbara Evanger