Tuesday, July 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Our Views: Just a reminder- Election endorsements

Here is a recap of Tacoma Weekly’s candidate endorsements. Election day is Nov. 5.

Connie Bacon is a proven leader who knows what it takes to boost Tacoma’s standing as an international shipping hub. She deserves to retain her seat on the Port of Tacoma Commission.

Victoria Woodards is a “no-brainer” winner over her “challenger,” long-time gadfly and activist-turned-convict Robert “the Traveler” Hill.

Long-time community activist and small business advocate Patricia Lecy-Davis deserves a seat on the Tacoma City Council. She has long championed the needs and concerns of her district, proving that she has the passion and knowledge to do even more good things for Tacoma.

Joe Lonergan gets our nod for the South Tacoma’s District 5. Lonergan is a true champion of his district, which is often overlooked in citywide issues.

Proposition 1 is tough to call. Tacoma needs to get its roads fixed. Streets have long been ignored in the city, and it would be prudent for the city’s Transportation Improvement District and the Sustainability Task Force to run their course and develop recommendations about such issues before $10 million flows into a street fund.

The city committee processes should run their course, even after two years of researching road-repair options to not only lay all the options out but also build on the new foundation of trust that, quite frankly, still needs to cure before city leaders ask for more trust with tax dollars. On the regional level, surrounding cities recognize Tacoma has bad road. But the city’s decades of neglect should not be solved at the expense of Tacoma’s neighbors. Tacoma’s troubles should be solved by Tacomans.

The above opinion represents the view of Tacoma Weekly's editorial board.