Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

Helping out the hungry

// Puyallup Tribe of Indians supports FISH Food Banks

The Puyallup Tribe of Indians has awarded a $50,000 grant to FISH Food Banks of Pierce County to be used for food purchases by the Southeast FISH Food Bank. The award is the largest the food bank has ever received from the Puyallup Tribe.

“Any time we make a donation to a food bank, it’s a very positive thing,” said Puyallup Tribal Councilmember Sylvia Miller. “Many of us come from poor families, so it is a good thing to help another person feed a family no matter who they are.”

Southeast FISH, located at 1704 E. 85th St., is the largest and busiest of FISH Food Banks’ seven fixed locations, serving about 17,000 people each month.

“This incredibly generous donation will go a long way toward serving clients in our busiest food bank,” FISH Food Banks Executive Director Beth Elliott said. “We deeply appreciate the Puyallup Tribe’s compassion for our neighbors in need.”

Founded in the late 1970s and incorporated in 1983, FISH Food Banks of Pierce County is the county’s oldest and largest food bank organization, now serving 40 percent of the county’s food bank clients. In 2011 FISH served more than 446,000 individuals through its seven food bank sites and its mobile food bank.

While most of the food that FISH distributes is donated by individuals, schools, churches, businesses, grocery stores and partner organizations like Northwest Harvest and the Emergency Food Network, the organization also makes strategic purchases of food to ensure that clients receive a nutritionally balanced food supply. Through careful stewardship and bulk purchasing, FISH is able to distribute $7 worth of food for every $1 donated.