Friday, June 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

EQC workers save life of fellow employee

Thanks to the quick thinking and skills of four Emerald Queen Casino employees, a potentially tragic incident ended well on May 28 when they discovered an employee on the ground and unresponsive. When his co-worker Marcelino Tababa, groundskeeper in the facilities department, heard a loud noise and noticed the employee had collapsed, he immediately called for help, as plumber Curtis Savage and maintenance worker Steve Perea responded. When Savage realized the injured man had no pulse and was not breathing, he administered CPR while Perea stabilized the man’s head.

Sitting in her first-floor security shed, Wendy Mendoza-Jackson noticed the commotion and immediately called for additional help. Security and medics arrived within minutes and took over for Savage, who had revived the employee.

During a recognition ceremony on July 23, Tababa, Savage, Perea and Mendoza-Jackson were honored for acting quickly and saving the life of a fellow employee.

During a recognition event to honor the efforts of these standout employees, officials presented the casino’s first lifesaving award to each one involved in the incident.

“The Emerald Queen Casino is honored to have employees who are not only able to recognize a serious situation, but who chose to respond and show such care and concern for a fellow employee,” the casino said in a statement. “The actions of Marcelino, Curtis, Steve and Wendy all contributed to the survival of the injured employee. With pride, the EQC Safety Department recognizes these employees for going above and beyond the call.”