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Election ’13: Tacoma Weekly queries candidates for the general election in November

// Woodards tells why voters should re-elect her to city council

Incumbent City Council member Victoria Woodards is being challenged by city gadfly turned chronic arrestee Robert “The Traveler” Hill. He did not respond to attempts to gain information about his political platform.

Victoria Woodards (incumbent)

Tacoma Weekly: What neighborhood issues do you see as your top concerns and what plans do you have to champion them, especially since you are seeking an at-large position that represents the whole city?

Victoria Woodards: As an at-large city council member I believe it is my job to focus on issues that affect the entire city. My top three priorities are to create jobs, protect our most vulnerable citizens, and make our communities safer. I plan to accomplish those goals by making the citizens of Tacoma my focus.

TW: What do you see as your role as a council member in regards to city-wide issues, particularly if they are at odds with particular neighborhoods?

VW: My role as an at-large council member is to balance all perspectives and, when possible, help to reach a compromise that satisfies the desires of all citizens. I possess the skills and talent to convene diverse opinions and find solutions.

TW: What experience and perspectives do you bring to the council and how do they match (or clash) with other members of the council?

VW: I have a unique perspective having grown up in Tacoma, lived in most every neighborhood, served in the military and worked in every employment sector. I have experience in community organizing, in working with businesses large and small, and serving as an elected official. My diverse experience and knowledge of this community make a great addition to the City Council team.

TW: What lessons do you think "Tacoma Government" has learned from the recent budget struggles and how are those lessons going to benefit the city in the future?

VW: I believe there are many lessons we have learned but I’ll highlight three. First, we continue to educate and have transparent communication with citizens. Secondly, we have created a Fiscal Sustainability Task Form that is focused on finding short and term solutions to enhance revenues and/or reduce expenses. Third, we know we must balance our budget from a holistic perspective. Our paramount duty to residents is Public Safety but all services we provide impact the livability of our city.

TW: What else should voters know about you?

VW: I love Tacoma! Serving as a city council member is very personal to me. Local decisions directly affect the lives of those who choose to live here. I wake up everyday with that in mind. It has been my honor to serve you. With your vote, I will continue to be your advocate.

TW: How can voters learn more about you and your political platform?



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