Thursday, June 29, 2017 This Week's Paper

Local Restuarants: Eat your way through The Fair

One of the best things about the Washington State Fair – in addition to the thrill rides, music, rodeos, exhibits and entertainment – is all the delicious food to be had along the midway and beyond. The Fair opens Sept. 6, so bring your appetite and prepare for your tummy to have as much fun as the rest of you.

Two new food attractions will be at The Fair this year. The SillyVille Soda Shop is the place for kids to stop and have a rootbeer float, orange crème soda and other delights. Located in the SillyVille Train Station. The Bavarian Beer Garden promises to be a veritable trip to Germany as The Fair’s nod to Oktoberfest. Enjoy a selection of delicious German beers and other popular favorites. Admission is free with Fair admission – age 21+ only (all beer gardens). For additional beer, wine and spirits, visit the International Village Rooftop Bar, and the Steel Creek American Whiskey Company in the Expo Hall.

More new offerings this year include the famous Ezell’s Chicken and Juicy’s Outlaw Grill serving steak on a stick, turkey legs, BBQ chicken, hot dogs and funnel cakes. Sharkey’s Seafood will be frying up fish and chips, calamari, shark bites and lobster corn dogs. And for something completely different (and mouthwatering) try Vrieze’s Fleischkuechle, or German meat turnover.

Anywhere you go at The Fair, you’ll find eats and drinks from around the world – Asian, Greek, Italian, Mexican and Russian. For the health conscious and those with special dietary needs, there are low-carb and gluten free options. Those with a sweet tooth will find what they’re looking for as well – Cow Chip Cookies, crepes, elephant ears, scones, funnel cakes, ice cream, taffy, chocolate, donuts, fudge, slushies, pies, smoothies, cotton candy, lemonade… The list is endless. Learn more at