Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper

Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash Makes this Chore a Joy

Puyallup Tribal member William Manzanares has set up a most convenient, inexpensive and effective self-serve dog washing system next door to his Northpoint Smoke Shop on River Road. Housed in its own neat and tidy little building, it’s open 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. seven days a week and works like a do-it-yourself car wash but for dogs of any and all sizes.

Being self-service, customers can drive up and get right to work on scrubbing their pooch without having to make an appointment and without having to hand Fido over to be handled by a stranger. Cost is $10 for ten minutes, and you can use cash, credit/debit cards or purchase tokens from inside the smoke shop.

Everything is right there in one compact, coin-operated unit called the K9000, made in the USA and recognized as the top of the line self-serve dog wash system currently on the market. It’s also the safest and easiest to use.

The “tub” side of the K9000 is waist-high to humans, with a side door that makes it simple to walk your dog into the tub rather than having to lift him/her up and in. On the right are two hand-held hoses – one that sprays heat-controlled water through a variety of nozzle settings and another that blows warm air for blow-drying. A control panel allows users to dial a selection of choices – shampoo, flea shampoo, rinse, conditioner, blow dry and to disinfect the tub afterward, which all users are kindly asked to do as a courtesy for the next customer.

“Everyone who uses it loves it,” William Manzanares said, noting that in the wintertime customers appreciate the heated room when it’s too cold to wash the dog outside. He said he got the idea to open the dog wash after seeing the K9000 unit on the “Modern Marvels” show on the History Channel.

A former pit bull owner, William Manzanares said he knows first-hand that it can be difficult to find a groomer that fits your dog, and also that it’s oftentimes difficult to keep your dog clean without making a huge, watery mess in the bathroom. “I knew there had to be other dog owners out there who couldn’t wash their dog outside or their dog just isn’t right for a groomer.” This led him to purchase the first K9000 in the state of Washington, and he’s been impressed with its performance and reliability. His set-up is perfect for all kinds of occasions, such as when coming home with a wet and muddy dog from a day at the lake, for when company is coming and the four-footed family member needs a clean-up, or for simply keeping your dog fresh and clean throughout the year.

Northpoint Smoke Shop is located at 6408 River Rd. E. Parking is free and always available.