Tuesday, June 27, 2017 This Week's Paper

Local Restaurants: Dave’s of Milton attracts national talent at weekly comedy nights

For many years, Dave’s of Milton has been a go-to venue for local comedians looking for an intimate atmosphere and a fun audience. And after owner Mary Tompkins expanded the stage and performance area, the little diner in Milton has attracted top-notch national acts. “At first, we had our comedy nights in a little room in the back, and maybe 30 people would come if we were lucky,” Tompkins said. “I don’t know what happened, but I fell in love with comedians. We built a stage and started holding comedy nights once a week and after a couple years we started selling out.”

Tickets are $10, and reservations are available by calling Dave’s. “We are the cheapest comedy club around here, and that’s what has kept us going when the economy was really bad,” she said. “People started coming to our comedy nights even more back then, because it was cheap, they don’t have to pay for parking, and it is fun, local entertainment.”

Comedian Craig Gass (also well known for a memorable role in “Sex and the City”) recently filmed a five-day comedy special at Dave’s – and the nationally known performer could have filmed the special anywhere in the country. “He said that most of his comedian friends film their specials in a big theater after they make it big, but Craig wanted to film in a place like Dave’s,” she said. “This is the type of place where all comedians start, and it’s where comedy was born.”

Other big-name performs who regularly frequent Dave’s of Milton include John Keister (“Almost Live!”), Rebecca Corry (who has also appeared on “The King of Queens,” “Yes, Dear,” and “2 Broke Girls”) and Comedy Central comic Ty Barnett.

“I am just so grateful to these comedians, because if it wasn’t for them, I might not even be open,” Tompkins said. “They bring in people who have never even heard of Dave’s of Milton.”

Call Dave’s of Milton at (253) 926-8707, visit and “Like” them on Facebook.