Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Crimestoppers: Got a question about crime? Ask a Cop

Every weekend on Washington’s Most Wanted, we answer questions from viewers in our “Ask A Cop” segment. Here are a couple of my personal favorites.

A viewer asked if someone pushes you really hard or physically strikes you, can you legally hit them back? In response, Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer says, “If someone pushes you really hard, or hits you really hard, that's assault. If you decide to do it back out of retaliation, you could also be liable for assault. I'm not telling you not to defend yourself. If the fight is on, you need to do what you need to defend yourself, but retaliation strikes could get you in trouble. Call the police. Let them handle it if you feel you've been assaulted."

A man in Burien asked, “A party bus drove past me on the freeway with people standing up, even a guy dancing next to the front door. Is that legal?”

Washington State Trooper Chris Webb says, “That’s a great question and there are exemptions to the seat belt law. One of those, which is ‘for hire’ vehicles such as buses, taxi cabs and also vehicles such as construction vehicles, farm vehicles, and vehicles that people consider would be starting and stopping a lot. Possibly like a garbage truck or a mailman. They’re exempt from wearing the seat belt. All other vehicles within the state, you’re required to wear a seat belt. And, I don’t believe it’s illegal to dance, while on the bus.”

If you have a question for a cop, go to to fill out the form and we will do our best to get the answer for you. Washington’s Most Wanted airs Friday night at 9:30 on JoeTV and 10:30 on Q13 FOX.