Friday, July 21, 2017 This Week's Paper

Council selects T.C. Broadnax

// San Antonio administer to be next city manager

He has never served as a city manger, but his broad experience in government management has put T.C. Broadnax in position to be Tacoma’s next chief executive. Tacoma City Council voted 9-0 on Dec. 20 to offer the position to Broadnax, currently an assistant city manager in San Antonio.

Prior to the vote, council members revealed their personal preferences among the three finalists.

Ryan Mello favored the interim manager, Rey Arellano, citing the work he has done addressing the city’s budget deficit. “He has demonstrated fantastic leadership during very challenging times.”

David Boe, Spiro Manthou and Joe Lonergan had Lakewood City Manager Andrew Neiditz as their first choice. Boe arrived at this decision after making cold calls to people who knew the three finalists and having a one-on-one interview with Neiditz. “Andrew is a solid city manager.”
Manthou and Lonergan both said they favored Neiditz over Broadnax on the basis of experience.

Once the others voiced their support for Broadnax, it was clear the necessary five votes were in place to offer him the job.

Marty Campbell said Broadnax would “bring a steady hand” to city hall. What Campbell gathered from the recruitment process convinced him this career move “is a step he is ready for.”

Lauren Walker’s observations of him when the finalists were in town assured her Broadnax is adept at building relationships with staff and the public. She was also impressed with his financial management skills. “I want someone with experience with very large budgets.”

Broadnax grew up in Kansas and has worked in Florida and Texas. Walker said that background living elsewhere in America is another asset Broadnax will bring to Tacoma.

Jake Fey said Broadnax would bring “a fresh set of eyes” to the city’s finances.

Mayor Marilyn Strickland was impressed with what she heard about him from government officials in San Antonio. “He sees the world from the lens of a larger city.” She also cited his strong support for education in San Antonio, where he oversees the public library system, and the fact the Texas city has a large military presence, as does Tacoma.

Negotiations will get underway on an employment contract between the city and Broadnax. His salary has yet to be determined.