Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Be Well: DaVinci Salon and Spa

DaVinci Salon and Spa, in the heart of Lakewood at 6501 Motor Ave. S.W., offers a professional staff that provides a host of services and treatments ranging from haircuts, foils and waxing to manicures, pedicures, massages and permanent cosmetics for both men and women. Using the most modern techniques and materials available, the services are meant to make clients look and feel better as well as save time during their busy schedules.

One such service is DaVinci’s permanent cosmetics treatments that licensed cosmetologist and salon owner Sunny Galaviz has practiced since 1995, following training in Washington and California. Permanent cosmetics are sought by runners, swimmers, quadriplegia patients, alopecia clients and everyday people who don’t want to bother with doing their makeup every morning. Galaviz uses carbon-based pigment that is inert and organic in a process that is similar to a tattoo, although the disposable needle doesn’t go as deeply into the skin and therefore causes less discomfort.

“People usually ask me if it is painful,” Galaviz said. “That is the first thing they ask.”

The short answer to that is not really, and numbing gel helps with that. The treatment avoids allergic reactions to many traditional cosmetics as well as saves time and money by avoiding the daily rituals of putting on makeup. Permanent cosmetics place pigments just beneath the upper layer of the eyebrows, lips, eyeline or other area where makeup is applied.

Davinci also provides professional hand, foot and nail services that rejuvenated hands, arms and feet with the clipping and shaping the nails; cuticle cleanup and a wide range of nail polish colors.

When time calls for a “spa day,” DaVinci offers a deluxe spa pedicure that runs 50 minutes and is designed to help reduce the toxins in the body with a deep soak followed by a choice of scrubs, used to exfoliate the skin for brighter, more youthful skin and cuticle attention promote healthy nail growth before they are filed and buffed to ensure strength and resiliency. A massage then relaxes the muscles and promotes better blood flow. Reflexology stimulates the reflex points of the feet, relaxing and rejuvenating each and every part of the body, including the glands and organs.

Unlike acrylic nail treatments at other salons, all filings at DaVinci are done with IBD gel prior to application and maintenance to provide an even finish and glass-like shine.

DaVinci is offering a $90 Mother’s Day special that includes two hours of pampering and treatments with a healthy supply of comfort food.

Contact Davinci Salon and Spa at (253) 588-1719, on Facebook or at