Friday, June 23, 2017 This Week's Paper

Be Well: Cedar River Clinics provides supportive, respectful healthcare

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, Cedar River Clinics have developed a reputation for high-quality healthcare services provided in a supportive, respectful environment. With many patients touting the compassionate care they receive at Cedar River Clinics, the organization strives to provide access to high-quality reproductive healthcare services to all patients. The clinic, run by Feminist Women’s Health Center, calls itself a social justice organization combining direct services such as abortions, birth control and wellness services with community outreach and activism.

Most recently, the organization has developed a program geared to the LGBTQ community, providing services unique to their needs. “We saw a very real need for the LGBTQ community to get the healthcare services they need, because they face a number of challenges from discrimination to a lack of provider training,” said Development and Communications Director Mercedes Sanchez.

The organization was well represented at Tacoma Pride, offering educational materials while getting the word out about Cedar River Clinics.

Simon Ellis, ARNP and CNP, is the LGBTQ wellness program’s main provider, and hopes to counter the stigma and shame surrounding sexuality and reproductive choices. “Our goal is to offer the LGBTQ community, especially lesbian and transgender people who tend to be underserved, healthcare in a safe and culturally responsive environment that focuses on their needs,” he said.

Services offered include annual exams, cancer screenings, birth control, education, gender affirming hormone therapy, and surgical referrals and follow-up. The organization also offers identification clerical services for its transgender clients.

While services are available during regular hours in Cedar River Clinics’ two locations in Renton and Tacoma, one day a month will be dedicated to LGBTQ wellness services program.

The clinic also accepts private insurance, DSHS medical assistance, and also offers services on a sliding fee scale for those without insurance.

Cedar River Clinics’ Renton office is located at 263 Rainier Ave. S., and the Tacoma office is located at 1401 Martin Luther King Way. For more information about Cedar River Clinics, visit