Thursday, June 22, 2017 This Week's Paper

5k Freaks running group trains for Disney marathons

If someone told you that they were interested in running a half marathon and then the next day run a full marathon you may think they have lost their minds, but for Tacoma’s 5k Freaks training team it stands as a challenge.

The best thing about this group is that every time we meet there is a goal and a standard. We devote time on consistently challenging ourselves, and that is what I believe separates us from other running groups. Where most runners often jump from race to race every weekend, we spend time training 12-16 weeks for our event, and doing this takes discipline and focus.

With the Pierce County Match up in the rear view mirror there are new goals on the horizon, and that goal is the Walt Disney Half Marathon and Marathon on Jan. 12 and 13. Having run 100 marathons and won a half marathon, I know what it takes to get to the end, but everything starts with how you train and how much. On this journey, that we have named, appropriately, Mission Goofy, I will have Danyll White and her husband Earnest, and I will have my family in tow along for the journey. White started running in her 20’s but after an injury she put the shoes away.

“I gained a lot of weight. I was up to 200 pounds. One day I went to buy a fancy dress for my husband’s Christmas party and was shocked at what size I needed. I also had high blood pressure and heart related issues. I thought, ‘this is the last straw,’ so reverted back to being vegan and started running – and the weight dropped off,” said White.

Over the past months while running with White, she has not once complained about pace or distance because often or not she is the one running like a rabbit. While running with the 5k Freaks, she has seen improvement all around, which has built her confidence.

“Training with the 5k Freaks has helped immensely, both with creating a team atmosphere to make me strive to be better and inspire me and help with speed and distance,” said White.

Over the course of 200 days we will be filming our progress, which will probably have ups and downs, but that’s just the way it goes in training. In the past week I have focused on healing up some old nagging injuries, so I have been on the bike. Riding outside has been great, but challenging. It’s not the same as running, as you actually are in defensive mode a lot and cars often cause some issues. White has spent time building her mile base, because when you run a half marathon and full marathon it’s all about endurance. With training, time and scheduling are always issues, but we work hard on linking up. 

Also along with us is Deputy Sheriff Tanya Frazier-Terrones who has shown huge improvements over the past months. She is undecided on making the trek to Mission Goofy, but will be there to train. In short, we are like the fabulous three, and when we train together we work hard every step of the way.

“My goal and what I'm currently working on is increasing mileage so I can do the half on Saturday and full on Sunday without needing to stop and walk. I want to feel like I accomplished both and could do it again. Speed isn't on my list now, just mileage,” said White.

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