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Tacoma does it again in KING 5 Best of

The votes have been cast and counted in the 2015 KING 5/Evening Magazine “Best of Western Washington” contest. Just like last year, the city of Tacoma came away with some big victories, as well as dozens of runner-up and top-five finishes.

In all, 283,315 votes were cast this year covering a total of 221 different categories. Tacoma businesses, residents and places pulled in 38 first place finishes after the complete winners list was made public on Nov. 20. From the results, it’s clear that Tacomans love their nightlife and cuisine like no other community in the Puget Sound.

And the Tacoma winners are:


“Our park is a welcoming place for families to bring their kids, whether they’re… Read Full Story

VanCour's Auto Detailing
Planned gas plants raise concerns about safety of tideflats

Tacoma City Council greenlighted plans earlier this month for Puget Sound Energy to move forward with a liquefied natural gas facility on the Tacoma Tideflats. The facility would be located at East 11th Street and Taylor Way, just blocks away from another planned gas plant. The neighboring gas plants, the current oil refineries as well as the rise of oil train traffic through the area are raising concerns about the potential of a environmental disaster so close to urban areas.
“Many of these project skate by with little oversight,” said Eric de Place, policy director of the environmental policy think tank Sightline Institute. “There… Read Full Story

Our view: There is no place for bullies in the stands

As the fall high school sports season comes to a close, we felt it was time to touch upon a subject that some adults might find a little discomforting and even embarrassing. We need to have a conversation about the behavior of adults at local sporting events and the effect it has upon the youth out there on the field and also in the stands.
While the vast majority of fans at a high school event seem to be true supporters of their team and act like the best sort out there, this recent football season we were witness to some of the worst… Read Full Story

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More News
Be Well - Inside & out
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

(BPT) - Salt, or sodium chloride, is essential for life. In fact, no mineral is more essential to human survival than sodium, because it allows nerves to send and receive electrical impulses, helps your muscles stay strong, and keeps your cells and brain functioning. However, sodium chloride (salt)…

Eyes shift to other landmarks as Elks, Old City Hall plans move forward
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

Tacoma’s heritage seems set to be part of its future, with news that McMenamins is starting work to restore the historic – and long vacant – Elks Lodge as developers vie to rejuvenate the long neglected Old City Hall, seen as the last of the top-tier historical buildings left to renovate. “I…

Stupid criminal of the week
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

If you have a restraining order against you, you should probably learn how to measure distance. A man on Nov. 9 couldn’t quite grasp the concept when he was arrested for breaking a court order. Police were called by the victim when the arrestee showed up outside her window with two other people,…

Bulletin Board
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

BOARD OF HEALTH PASSES E-CIG REGULATIONS Tacoma-Pierce County Board of Health unanimously approved new e-cigarettes and vaping regulations at its Nov. 18 meeting. The intent of the new regulations is to stem the tide of usage among youth under 18 and to protect the public from second hand vapor exposure.…

Local Restaurants
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

Walking through the food court at Freighthouse Square offers a look at various delicacies from around the world. From award-winning hamburgers to Greek and Mexican food, it’s a veritable World’s Fair of food in this classic location. Pastry Chef Roger Martinho recently moved in to represent Belgium…

Letter to the Editor: Sondra Purcell
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

Dear Editor, (Re: “Bombs will not heal our broken hearts” by Rivera Sun, TW Nov. 20) Thanks for writing such a heartfelt editorial. It really speaks to the very essence of our American dream and our place in the global community. I travelled to Olympia this morning to show my support for Governor…

Guest Editorial: Presidential travel, China style
By Don C. Brunell

When China’s President Xi Jinping flew into Seattle last September, his presidential airliner looked like any other Air China 747-400 passenger jet. That is because it was. The Chinese have a different approach to flying their leaders. Its Air Force owns a small fleet of 737s to shuttle dignitaries…

Letter to the Editor: Willie Dickerson
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

Dear Editor, As families gather together for Thanksgiving, it is a wonderful reminder of how lucky we are to be in a free country that cares for its citizens. With our freedom and rights come responsibility and opportunity. We can advise our elected officials and representatives about important legislative…

Guest Editorial: Lessons from Montgomery
By Andrew Moss

On Dec. 1, 1955, Rosa Parks boarded a Montgomery city bus on her way home from work, and, fatigued, refused to give up her seat to a white man when the bus had filled up. Parks was arrested for violating the city’s segregation statutes, and within a few days the African-American leaders of Montgomery…

Milton gifts injured volunteer firefighter Daniel Lyon
By Derek Shuck

Last August, strong winds pushed a wildfire near Twisp toward a team of fire fighters. The ensuing chaos left three of the firefighters dead and the fourth, Milton reserve officer and volunteer firefighter Daniel Lyon, covered in severe burns. For the past several months, Lyon has been recovering…