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Puyallup Restorative Correctional Facility

Programs seek funding to continue changing tribal members’ lives

When the Puyallup Tribe opened its Restorative Correctional Facility three years ago, the plan was to make it not just a place for incarceration but also a bridge to help guide inmates on a path to creating better lives for themselves. The word “restorative” was taken to heart, presenting a different way of treating Native American people – with compassion and respect rather than locking them up to do their time then be released back into the world no better equipped for life than they were before. Through programming including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and classes in which inmates can get help with domestic violence issues or earn their GED, success stories are happening more and more, proving that the Tribe’s method… Read Full Story

If art is life, Dan Hill discovered his with a camera – and The Spar

Dan Hill had to face an awful truth as a student at the University of Puget Sound.
It was the '60s, and he'd graduated from Stadium High School then began his college career as an art major.
“As an artist, I had a great eye,” Hill said. “But I was never a great draftsman. I could see what I wanted to do but not quite get it there the way I saw it.”
Hill took up photography and loved the medium. Again, reality put a grip on his ambitions.
“I was 23 in 1966, and went to Canada and bought a hippy-dippy coffee shop,” Hill said. “I stayed there seven years.”
Whenever possible, he'd head out for free… Read Full Story

County exec highlights partnerships at ‘state of the county address’

Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier held his first “state of the county address” last week and outlined a supplemental budget and roster of partnerships to curb homelessness around the county.
The 30-minute address touched on county efforts to streamline departments to save money and boost efficiency and transparency of government, namely a plan to merge the Planning and Land Services and the Public Works departments.
“Customers can go to one location for both building and… Read Full Story

More News
Whole Foods Market helps children grow community gardens
By Jackie Fender Special to Tacoma Weekly

Whole Foods Market has a reputation for providing an elevated grocery shopping experience that highlights fresh, organic produce and artisan goods. Their tidily lined shelves feature familiar and funky products that make eating healthy, and often even locally sourced, easy but what many don’t know…

Developer to begin ramp construction for new convention center hotel
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

Work to construct a ramp from Commerce Street into the parking garage under the Greater Tacoma Convention Center – as well as additional dock space adjacent to the existing ones on Market Street – is now scheduled to begin on March 27.  Sidewalks in the vicinity of the new Convention…

Pothole Pig’s Pothole of the week
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

After so long, we have to assume that Percival our beloved Pothole Pig has simply vanished. However, there are still potholes in the city that need attention, so we simply – and sadly – must hire someone to handle his workload. The list of candidates continues to change, with Carter the Crater…

Selling Cookies to make a difference to their community
By Dan Beers For the Tacoma Weekly

Just as the sun began to poke its head out of some rather tenacious rainclouds Saturday afternoon, Girl Scout Troop #43242 set up shop at the Westgate Safeway on North Pearl Street. Girl Scout Cookie season was almost over. This was to be their last, final push. It was cold and blustery, but the girls…

Council raises concern over detention center’s future
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

(Editor’s note: This is the first in a series about the Northwest Detention Center and immigration policies as they affect Tacoma. Next week, inside the detention center itself.) Tacoma City Council wants answers and reassurances from Geo Group America, the private operation of an Immigration and…

Local Restaurants: Keeping up with Jonz Catering is easy on the palate
By Duncan Rolfson

Since Feb. 28, 2007, Jonz Catering (pronounced Jones) has happily served South Sound catering and event needs. Elegant and locally sourced menu options may flawlessly be presented to you and your corporate staff at an upcoming luncheon, or you may be feeling more free – maybe an outdoor gathering…

Rock and Walk with The Tears Foundation
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

The Tears Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to compassionately assist bereaved parents with the financial expenses they face in making final arrangements for their precious baby who has died. Many of the founders and volunteers at The Tears Foundation have experienced the loss of…

Bulletin Board
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

CHILDREN’S MUSEUM TO HOST SYMPOSIUM ON YOUNGEST CITIZENS On Tuesday, March 28 at 8 a.m. the Children’s Museum of Tacoma will present the Symposium On Our Youngest Citizens at the Pantages Theater. This third annual event asks the 300 participants in attendance to honor children and champion play…

AAA Cleaning Services leaves sparkling surfaces and smiling faces
By Duncan Rolfson

AAA Cleaning Services is a Tacoma-based business with professional and personal accoutrements to suit a wide variety of needs. Located at 3800 Bridgeport Way W., owner Artis Oliver is one proud woman these days, stating that in the past several months of operation, “We have received a very warm…

Puyallup Restorative Correctional Facility
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

Programs seek funding to continue changing tribal members’ lives When the Puyallup Tribe opened its Restorative Correctional Facility three years ago, the plan was to make it not just a place for incarceration but also a bridge to help guide inmates on a path to creating better lives for themselves.…