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Communing over food and drink has always been a fundamental aspect of the human culture. Dining together provides sustenance for the stomach and spirit, giving the diners a moment to reflect and connect, which is likely why dining out for a good cause is such a brilliant and successful fundraising model. Pierce County Aids Foundation (PCAF) has this in mind when hosting their annual Dining Out for Life fundraiser, due to occur this year on April 27.
One Dining Out for Life supporter says, “This is probably one of my favorite events every year. Why, you ask? Because you get to help support a great cause just by eating! How much better could that be?”
And seriously, how much better does it get? The idea is that folks can choose a participating restaurant of their liking and that establishment donates a percentage of proceeds… Read Full Story

Link expansion plans chug into final design phase

The expansion of the Tacoma Link lightrail system from its current terminus in the Theater District loop up to Martin Luther King Jr. Way is entering its final design phase.
The current Link route started in 2003 and runs 1.6 miles from the Tacoma Dome Station to the Theater District Station near the corner of Commerce and Ninth streets. The planned expansion will add 2.4 miles and include seven new stations between the Theater District and Hilltop, five new vehicles, and an expansion of the existing Operations and Maintenance facility on East 25th Street. The project currently is at the 60-percent design stage, with construction scheduled… Read Full Story

New comics store honors the Navy Seal who inspired it

No one will ever know what Michael Tatham's last thoughts were, though it's doubtful they were about comic books. They might have been for his family – his parents and younger brother Matt – back home in University Place. They might have been with his fellow Navy Seals, with whom he had served in Iraq and Afghanistan for six years and three deployments. They might have turned to the absurdity of being killed on a motorcycle while on a 2011 leave in Bali, Indonesia and not in any of the actions… Read Full Story

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Camp scholarships available for young eco‐adventurers
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

For the past five years, Pierce County Parks and Recreation in partnership with Pierce County Planning and Public Works Department have organized the Eco Explorers Adventure Camp for kids at Chambers Creek Regional Park. Through exploration, adventure and creative play, each day offers exciting new…

Bulletin Board
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

NORTHBOUND EXIT 133 CLOSES FOR SEVERAL MONTHS Drivers who use the northbound Interstate 5 exit to I-705 and State Route 7 will need to take a detour for the next several months. As of Friday, April 14, contractor crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation closed the Tacoma…

By Jackie Fender

Communing over food and drink has always been a fundamental aspect of the human culture. Dining together provides sustenance for the stomach and spirit, giving the diners a moment to reflect and connect, which is likely why dining out for a good cause is such a brilliant and successful fundraising…

Home & Garden: Engage kids’ love of nature through bird feeding
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

Is it difficult to pry your kids away from their electronic devices to get them outdoors? From tots to teens, today's kids love their electronics. After all, where could you find anything to compete with the bright sights and sounds of their favorite video game? The answer may be no farther than your…

Prosecutor’s Office wins two awards
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

The National Association of Legal Secretaries (NALS) of Pierce County presented two awards to the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office. The first was the award for Outstanding Community Service, 2017.  “Community service and community safety are among our main duties,” said Prosecutor Mark…

Getting to the bottom of colonoscopies: five myths debunked
By MultiCare Health System

Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women in the United States and the second leading cause in men, but it doesn't need to be. In fact, it's one of the few cancers that can be prevented by appropriate screening. “Colonoscopies are life-saving, preventive tests,”…

Small, shy and senior off-leash dog area coming to Chambers Creek Park
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

An expanded off-leash area including a separate area for small, shy and senior dogs is coming soon to Pierce County’s Chambers Creek Regional Park in University Place.   Since its inception in 2007, the nonprofit SUNDogs group has lobbied for a larger off-leash area for dogs and their…

Coalition of groups priming for election fight, protests
By Steve Dunkelberger

The community uproar that originally started a year ago and prompted the death of a planned natural gas to methanol plant on the tideflats continues to morph into other local environmental and social justice issues as like-minded groups merge and share resources. The grassroots effort Save Tacoma…

Home & Garden: Willow Tree Gardens and Interiors
By Duncan Rolfson

Located at 7216 27th St. W. in University Place, this full-service nursery is truly a one-stop shop. Everything in house has been optimized for our Pacific Northwest weather, and the horticultural techniques critical for maintaining them. Just flag anyone on staff for any questions, no matter how…

Published in the Tacoma Weekly

The photos in the April 14 story “PLU MediaLab holds free screening of environmental film” were incorrectly credited. They were taken by Kelly Lavelle. Tacoma Weekly apologizes for the error.