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The People’s Gathering: A Revolution of Consciousness

Genesis Housing and Community Development Coalition will host a professional development conference called The People’s Gathering on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University on Friday, February 24. The full-day conference will focus on skills and strategies to facilitate difficult conversations around race in workplace and educational settings.
Headlined by four nationally-known speakers (listed with bios below) with expertise in diversity, racial equity and multicultural education, The People’s Gathering will seek to help attendees increase their personal and professional cultural competency.
“Our goal is to bring company leaders, employees and student leaders together to create a supportive space in which participants can engage in honest and open dialogue about race and racial disparities that are systemically present… Read Full Story

Investigation of gull deaths on tideflats continues

Early laboratory results suggest that whatever killed sea gulls along the Tacoma waterfront last month likely isn’t harmful to people, but more tests are underway to determine the source of the die-off of upward of 80 seagulls.
“Based on what we know so far, water pollution or contamination is highly unlikely and there is little or no risk to human health,” said Dr. Katie Haman, a veterinarian for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, which is investigating the incident.
Haman reported that initial results showed inflammation of the intestine and liver, but bacteria could not be cultured from those lesions, making… Read Full Story

Shelbie Boyd cruises Tacoma’s eastside with a badge and heart

Shelbie Boyd was driving through the eastside of Tacoma recently and saw a young man alone on a park bench. Something about his body language told her he was in trouble.
Boyd pulled over, got out of her car and started chatting with him.
“We talked for a while and he said he was depressed. He and his girlfriend had broken up,” Boyd said. “We kept talking, and it turned out they'd lost a baby. I couldn't do anything for him but listen, but maybe having a cop listen made a small… Read Full Story

More News
Be Well - Inside & out: South Hill Mall to host Children’s Dental Health Day
By Jackie Fender

Healthy oral hygiene habits are built starting as early as two years of age and can help ensure the development of strong and healthy adult teeth. This is just one of the reasons why the American Dental Association sponsors a National Children’s Dental Health Month each year in February. It may…

The People’s Gathering: A Revolution of Consciousness
By Zach Powers PLU Marketing & Communications

Genesis Housing and Community Development Coalition will host a professional development conference called The People’s Gathering on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University on Friday, February 24. The full-day conference will focus on skills and strategies to facilitate difficult conversations…

Pothole Pig Update
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

Someone knows something. We were hopeful that recent sightings of Percival, our beloved pothole pig, meant that he was on his way home to his loving family and friends. But those sightings have stopped and all possible clues have led to dead ends. He has not been seen in three weeks after a flurry…

Bulletin Board
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

TITLOW PARK SHORELINE RESTORATION JUST ABOUT COMPLETE A $597,000 project to restore the shoreline, improve fish and wildlife habitat and expand the public recreation area at Titlow Park is nearly done and visitors have more room to explore via the adjacent Hidden Beach trail. The nonprofit South Puget…

Mayor announces call for business, educator summit on job creation
By Steve Dunkelberger

Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland gave her final State of the City address to a capacity crowd of about 250 people at the Hotel Murano last week with a message of improvements in the city since she became mayor in 2010 and a forecast of things to come this year under the theme of “Educate. Connect.…

Sheriffs on the lookout for sex offender
By David Rose

Pierce County Sheriff's deputies need your help to find sex offender Edward Butler. The 58-year-old has warrants for domestic violence assault in the fourth degree and violation of a domestic violence no contact protection order. Butler is also wanted for failure to register as a Level II sex offender.…

City, schools support undocumented among us
Published in the Tacoma Weekly

Tacoma City Council is forming an Immigrant and Refugee Task Force to develop policies and procedures for the city with the mission of “ensuring all Tacoma residents feel valued, secure, and supported, and that we continue to live out our vision for Tacoma to be an inclusive and equitable place…

Click rate hikes clear council, consultant continues ‘all in’ effort
By Steve Dunkelberger

Tacoma City Council unanimously approved rate increases to the municipally owned Click Cable Network to help offset the rising fees for television programming and higher labor cost. The increases average to about 13 percent, depending on what cable package customers have and are the first increases…

Art and activism: One couple’s love of Tacoma includes both
By Larry LaRue

Claudia Riedener was born on a Swiss farm that had no plumbing, where her mother cooked on a wood stove and the house was attached to a horse barn. When she came to America, it was aboard a 35-foot boat. John Carlton was a right-wing fundamentalist Christian when he enrolled in Chicago's Moody Bible…

Urbin Attic comes to you to take the clutter away
By Jackie Fender Special to Tacoma Weekly

Many of us find ourselves feeling consumed with our “stuff.” Am I right? As the years go by, gifts, seasonal wardrobe items, holiday trinkets and outdoor gear we only use three months out of the year begin to become hard to cram into our limited closet space. Yard sales can be fun and online sales…