Letter to the Editor: Kevin Glackin-Coley

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Published in the Tacoma Weekly Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dear Editor,

As we move into the New Year we are grateful to the many people who donated to us during the holiday season. All of the gifts, from checks with many zeros to the $100 donated to our Backpack Program by five third graders, were deeply appreciated because they will continue to help us to fight hunger in Pierce County.

2012 was another year of growth for the Food Connection and 2013 will likely continue that trend as we are already expanding our Backpack Program and beginning an after-school snacks program. Thank you one and all for making all of this possible.

Here are some 2012 statistics: St. Leo Food Bank – 127,557 client visits (up 3 percent); Springbrook Mobile Food Bank – 22,077 client visits (no change); Backpack Program – 99,834 meals provided (up 18 percent); summer meals – 33,806 lunches (85 percent more 2011); 30,179 snacks (99 percent more than 2011).

If you would like to make an online donation for general operations or to support St. Leo’s Backpack Program specifically, visit the new revamped website at www.foodconnection.org.

Kevin Glackin-Coley

Director, St. Leo Food Connection



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