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Word of the Day for Wednesday, October 3, 2012

true troo, verb:

While many readers prefer shorter articles while they read on their mobile phones, journalists often find themselves writing longer pieces to articulate the true story behind the issue by providing context and history in much the same way a carpenter adds wooden spacers to makes a door true and plum.

  1. To make true; shape, adjust, place, etc., exactly or accurately: to true the wheels of a bicycle after striking a pothole.
  2. (Especially in carpentry) to make even, symmetrical, level, etc. (often followed by up): to true up the sides of a door.

True, in the common sense of "real and authentic," has been in the English language since at least the 1200s. The less-common verb form of the word was first used in the 1840s, particularly with reference to mechanics.