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Thursday, July 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
Audio: Wishbone Ash guitarist recalls evolution of influential sound

British classic rock band Wishbone Ash will play its signature 1972 album "Argus" tonight at Jazzbones tonight. We had a related story in our March 15 edition with guitarist Andy Powell recalling how his band developed its influential sound, featuring he and fellow ax slinger Ted Turner splitting lead guitar duty.

"I think the moment I really felt that was when we wrote the song 'Blind Eye,'" he said, phoning from a recent tour stop in New York. "It was really almost an attempt to replicate the sound of horns, riffing with guitars. I remember we came up with the riff for that song. It was like, 'Whoah! That is an arresting sound right there.'"

There's more in this outtake which also features Powell talking about some of the bands that Wishbone Ash influenced and the guitarists that informed his own sound.