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Friday, July 28, 2017 This Week's Paper
Wilkerson exits stage left at Playhouse, Peters enters from stage right

The awesomeness that is Casi Wilkerson will be less visible at Lakewood Playhouse now that she and announced she is leaving her post as its education director and Lakewood Institute of Theatre guru.

Taking her position is Jefri Peters.

Wilkerson announced in an email that she has decided to move on to new projects and family endeavors. Fear not, she still plans to direct "Pride and Prejudice"and continue to support Lakewood Playhouse and its missions.

"As difficult as 'change' can be, we are excited about our clever solution," the announcement stated. "The dynamic, outgoing and passionate Jefri Peters is joining the Lakewood Playhouse Family as the new Education Director! Whoo- hoo!"

Peters comes to Lakewood with 16 years of educational programming for youth and adults.

"The family at the Lakewood Playhouse sees this as a wonderful opportunity for Casi Wilkerson to continue her incredible life's journey and spend more time with her family," Lakewood's Artistic Director John Munn wrote in the announcement. "And, at the same time, we are extremely proud, and lucky, to have the wonderful Jefri Peters join our family and share her lifetime of educational experience with us. We look forward to seeing Casi whenever she comes home for a visit and look equally forward to seeing Jefri on a daily basis."