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Monday, July 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
What? Did he just say Alice in Chains is touring with Soundgarden?

OK, we don't mean to make everyone freak out and spew coffee all over their monitors. But did Spanaway native Jerry Cantrell just tell Rolling Stone that Alice in Chains is hitting the road with frickin' frackin' Soundgarden this summer?

Yep, we believe he did, and you can read about it by clicking this link. This revelation is on top of those Soundgarden-Pearl Jam rumors we were reading before Soundgarden's two-night stand at the Paramount last month.

Could we be talking about a full-blown grunge-a-palooza here? Quick: Somebody see what the Melvins, Mudhoney and Screaming Trees are up to this summer!

Cantrell was talking to Rolling Stone about Alice's new album, “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,” which is due in May. It'll be the second album of the band's post-Layne Staley incarnation, with William DuVall singing lead vocals.

"We made a unique record that's completely different from anything we ever did," Cantrell tells Rolling Stone. "It encapsulates a period of time, like all records do. You see growth and that the band is moving ahead in new territory that we haven't been to before, but we haven't lost our identity."