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Monday, July 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
We have an ‘Awesome Mom’  winner

Get your tissues now. I'll wait.......... Got them? Good. Read on.

We held an "awesome mom" contest for a vase of flowers from Fife Flowers and a gift certificate from Fife Bar and Grill. Well, we have a winner. Totally.

Here is her story:

Mark Alvis sent in an entry for his wife, Brittany. She became a mom this year after a tough road.

Last March, they found out that they were expecting their first child. Turns out, they were expecting twins!

"This was a total surprise to but still exciting and nerve-wracking," Mark wrote. "It also carried with it high risks, both for the twins as well as Brittany, due to her small frame. This ended up proving to be the case."

The contractions came early, very early. At just 26 weeks, actually. That prompted a trip to the emergency room.

"Brittany did everything she could to delay things — between multiple hospital visits and permanent bed-rest — the doctors succeeded in keeping them in until the night of July 29," Mark wrote.

Brittany had emergency C section at the 32-week mark - delivering two beautiful baby girls into this world - each only three pounds. That's less than half of the average newborn weight in the United States.

The baby bundles spent a month on support, and each day, Brittany was there at every moment possible with them at all hours of the night, holding them, speaking to them and assisting the nurses as they feed them with the her milk through a nasal tube.

"Because of her commitment, the girls came home a whole month early than originally scheduled," Mark wrote. "Since then, Brittany has devoted her days and nights to creating a solid schedule for the girls - sacrificing her own social life and sleep schedule. The girls have grown into normal-sized, happy, healthy beautiful baby girls with no permanent issues from their premature birth. Considering all she has been through this year and considering all the love that she has shown - she is the mom of the year. I'm happy to have an opportunity to show off her love & commitment."

Any parent without peeing eyes at this point has no soul. Need more of this story? read Mark's blog about the whole journey by visiting