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Friday, July 21, 2017 This Week's Paper
Walmart releases economic impact report on Tacoma location

Hebert Research, Inc., a Bellevue-based international market research firm, released an economic impact case study for the proposed Walmart in the City of Tacoma on behalf of the retail giant.

Conclusions: "Walmart projects that its Tacoma site will employ approximately 300 total people (full-time, part-time and management). In addition to the 300 jobs that this will directly create, the wages earned by these Walmart employees will be spent in the local economy, creating an effect beyond the raw value of the wages paid.

By employing approximately 60 percent of its workforce at full-time (about 180 associates working on average at $12.79 per hour), an analysis using IMPLAN economic modeling projects that, of the $4,788,576 that will be paid annually to these Walmart employees, an average of $3,987,949 of that money will be spent in the local economy each year.

Indirect effects, reflecting changes in inter-industry purchases caused by increased consumer demand, amount to an additional $1,120,295 per year." Induced effects will add a further $1,216,352 per year. This represents additional changes in household spending caused by the increase in money flowing through the economy. "In total, the jobs created by the Tacoma Walmart will add approximately $6,324,596 to the local economy per year."

To download the full study, click here.