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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
Voting starts today to name new looping inversion coaster at Washington State Fair

If you love stomach-twisting experiences and are exceptionally creative, the Washington State Fair has a contest for you! A new looping inversion coaster is screaming into Puyallup to make its debut at the Washington State Fair, Sept. 6-22, 2013 and it needs a name. Wouldn’t you love to be THE person who created a name that would go down in Fair history?
A contest kicks off today and runs through May 8, 2013 at midnight, PDT. Ideas are accepted by those 13 years or older at the Spring Fair in Puyallup, April 18-21 at the Washington State Fair booth in Sleep Country ShowPlex, by mail, or online at The person who coins the new name will receive two season gate passes to the 2013 Washington State Fair, plus two vouchers valid for 20 rides of their choice, a $269 value. They will be notified if they win by June 17, 2013.
This is the only ride of its kind in the United States. It will take you over 60 feet in the air, then it’s time to hold on tight as you speed downhill around wild loops, along wavy tracks and bendy curves. It offers smooth coaster action, in spite of its +5.8 gravity force. As a comparison, formula one racing car drivers feel approximately +5 gravity force during heavy braking.
The contest is open to residents in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. Since the Fair is a family event, inappropriate language or content, improper grammar or other matter is deemed ineligible. For a complete list of rules, visit:
The coaster came from another venue in the United States, and had the name Typhoon, which doesn’t represent a name appropriate for the Washington State Fair. Here’s a quick snapshot of the ride:
Quick Snapshot:
Introduced in Puyallup:             September 2013
Dimensions:                             180.4 feet x 66 feet
Height:                                     62.3 feet
Track length:                            1,772 feet
Maximum speed:                      50 m.p.h.
Maximum G-Force:                  +5.8 G
Trains:                                      Three
Cars:                                        Three per train
Total seats:                               36 riders
Track capacity:                         Two trains run simultaneously on the track

The Washington State Fair is one of the biggest fairs in the world, and the largest in the Pacific Northwest. It started in 1900 in Puyallup, and welcomes over one million guests to the single largest attended event in the state. Star-studded entertainment, the PRCA Rodeo, rides, exhibits, food, flowers and animals are mainstays of the 17-day event in September. For more info about the Sept. 6-22, 2013 Washington State Fair, visit, or text “FAIR” to 87767.