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Monday, June 26, 2017 This Week's Paper
Voters Overwhelmingly Support Milton Annexation

In a special election, voters in the City of Milton and those who live in the East Pierce fire district overwhelmingly approved a measure to officially annex Milton into the fire district.

Early results indicate that 85 percent of Milton voters support the annexation. Among voters living in the East Pierce Fire and Rescue district, 86 percent approve the measure. “I truly believe that the reason we received such a strong show of support is because of the exceptional work our personnel provide every day throughout the district. We sincerely appreciate the voters confidence in us”, says East Pierce Fire and Rescue Fire Chief Jerry E. Thorson.

He also expressed his appreciation of the City of Milton’s leadership for their efforts in helping to provide efficient and effective fire and emergency medical services to the citizens and businesses of their city.

The annexation will be complete on January 1, 2014, when East Pierce and Rescue’s boundaries will be officially adjusted to include Milton. The fire district has been providing these services to the residents of Milton through an operational agreement since early 2011. Due to the agreement, Thorson says he expects a smooth transition. Formalizing the relationship through annexation gives Milton residents a voice in setting tax rates and voting for fire commissioners. The only other change Milton residents will notice is that they will pay for fire and EMS services directly to the fire district instead of paying the city, which then pays the district. Thorson notes that the annexation will not impact either rates or levels of service for existing East Pierce residents or businesses.

Election results will be certified on May 7.