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Saturday, July 22, 2017 This Week's Paper
Those Girl Trouble slackers are gearing up for an unusually busy 2013

Girl Trouble isn't exactly known for prolific output of material. But 2013 promises to be an unusually busy year for Tacoma's punk patriarchs (and matriarch.)

The buzz from Girl Trouble camp is that they're finally putting together the follow up to 2003's “Illusion of Excitement” album. Plus, local filmmaker Isaac Olsen has apparently exceeded the $5,000 goal he set on Kickstarter for “Strictly Sacred,” a proposed documentary that would chronicle the quartet's first 28 years of “eluding fame.”

Front man K.P. Kendall tells us there's tons of great archival footage featuring Granny Go-Go and early performances at Tacoma's Community World Theater and the Tropicalia in Olympia.

Kendall also mentioned something else that may soon surface, harkening back to his band's heyday. By e-mail he writes: “We’re also going to attempt to put out 'Hit It Or Quit It' next year. Our first album and the first album on Sub Pop, out on CD for it’s 25th Anniversary. It was never out on any format other than album, and if all goes well it should contain a few songs the we recorded back at that time, in 1988, in the same session but never did anything with."

All exciting stuff. Expect the updates to eventually start trickling in over on the band's fan site.