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Friday, June 23, 2017 This Week's Paper
Taylor Swift trivia answers

Spoiler alert: Below are the answers to our Taylor Swift trivia challenge, which is running in our Aug. 23 edition in honor of Swift's sold out Aug. 31 stop at the Tacoma Dome. If you haven't tested your knowledge you should pick up a copy and check back. Capiche?

  1. Swift's hometown is …

D) Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

  1. She was 16__ years old when her eponymous debut album was released in 2006.

  2. Her inaugural hit is named after country star _.

D) Tim McGraw

  1. Her best-selling single is ____ with more than 8 million copies sold.

D) “Love Story”

  1. Swift has branched into acting and recently appeared on the show ____.

D) “New Girl”

(Noticing a pattern here?)

  1. Songs like “Picture to Burn” and “Should've Said No” established her reputation for settling romantic scores in the studio. Along those lines, many assume her ballad “Dear John” is about famous ex ____.

D) John Mayer

(Yep, definitely a pattern.)

  1. Speaking of famous guys she's dated, there's, like, a lot of them. Which of these stars has she not been linked to romantically (yet)?

D) Andy Samberg

  1. Which homie does she name checke in the song “Fifteen”?

B) Abigail

  1. Finish the lyric: “You should have thought twice before ___

  2. Swift's celebrity BFF is …

A) Selena Gomez

  1. ___ infamously interrupted her acceptance speech at _____.

D) Kanye West … the MTV Video Music Awards

  1. But in said interrupter's defense, he meant no harm. He was just trying to give a shout out to ___.

A) … Beyonce Knowles for having “the greatest video of all time.”