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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 This Week's Paper
Steve-O: “I like to draw the line at paralysis and death” (audio)

Be on the lookout, Tacoma! Stephen Glover, the TV prankster we all know as Steve-O, is in town this weekend to headline Tacoma Comedy Club; and, based on what we've been seeing on his new YouTube channel (example above) he may be out causing mayhem in the streets of Tacoma when he's not onstage.

We had a related Q & A story in last week's City Arts sections. And when we weren't talking about his crazy shenanigans, we actually covered some serious stuff. In this clip, he discusses his struggles with sobriety and setting boundaries between his personae from “Jackass” and “Wilboyz” and everyday life.

“I've been striving five years now to find some separation,” he said. “That's been probably more of a struggle than anything else. It's tough for me to find that separation, but I'm making some progress with it.”

Click the audio link below to listen. Oh, and ticket info for the extra 5 p.m. show that's been added for Saturday can be found on the Tacoma Comedy Club web site.