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Friday, July 21, 2017 This Week's Paper
State Farm confirms Tacoma center set for fall

Tacoma will soon have a new corporate giant as a resident.

State Farm has ended months of suspense by announcing that the insurance firm finalized two lease agreements yesterday for space in the former Russell Investment building and on four floors of the Columbia Bank Center in downtown Tacoma to open a claims center this fall.

Hiring for the initial 300 employees is set to start this summer. Projections put full employment levels at about 1,200 people. That’s about the workforce size of its regional operations center in DuPont. Even more could follow as the company expands its local operations. The rate of new hirings after the initial 300 will be based on market demand.

Already a presenting sponsor of LeMay: America’s Car Museum, State Farm will likely find itself sponsoring other local events and causes, given its track record in other communities.

“We take our social responsibility very seriously,” company spokesman Brad Hilliard said. “We want to support what our customers support.”