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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
Rihanna sparkles onstage like a diamond in the sky

There are some performers who you know are going to put on a killer show, and that’s Rihanna. On April 3, she took over KeyArena with her “Diamonds” tour and she shined bright like the very gem she sings of on her hit song of the same title. Tacoma Weekly concert photographer Bill Bungard was there to capture her moves in a collection of photos that can be viewed at Meanwhile, at her home in Cali, TMZ is reporting that Rhianna is the newest victim of “swatting” while she’s here on the West Coast. It seems someone called the LAPD yesterday and said armed gunmen were in her house and that someone had been shot. The report says police are “are confident it’s yet another swatting call.” This same false reporting scheme, or swatting, has happened to other celebs, including Diddy. Read all about it at