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Wednesday, June 28, 2017 This Week's Paper
Pierce County commissions ‘Kent Mundell’ patrol boat

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department formally commissioned its new patrol boat today. The vessel is named "Kent Mundell" to honor the fallen deputy.

Mundell was killed in a gunfight in 2009 with a drunken man at a home outside Eatonville.

“It was just an opportunity to have a long-lasting memorial for Kent,” said Lt. Jerry Lawrence.

Mundell never worked with the 20-member marine services unit, Lawrence said. But some in that unit are primarily assigned to the Mountain Detachment, where Mundell was based.

The 36-foot vessel has been in service since May and already has to rescues to its credit. It replaces the "Reliance," a 22-year-old patrol boat that sank in 2011 and has since been scrapped.

Most of the cost of the new, $725,000 boat was covered by Homeland Security grants in partnership with the Port of Tacoma and through recreational boat registration fees collected by Washington state.