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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 This Week's Paper
Photo Contest: ‘What are your pets thinking’

As everyone already knows, March 3 has been declared national “If Pets Had Thumbs Day.” So that seems as good a reason as any to have a pet-themed photo contest.

The rules are simple. Just send in a photo of you and your pet, or one just of your pet, with a caption of what you think the pet is thinking and what it would likely do if it had thumbs. Only submit one photo of your pet, although you can submit multiple photos if you have more than one animal in your care.

The deadline to send in your photo(s) is March 8. The photos will then be posted online and on Facebook. The photo with the most votes, either through “likes” or comments, by March 15 will be the winner. The winners will be announced March 18. The top winner will receive four tickets to the Andre Rieu concert at KeyArena on March 19. The second and third place winners will receive two tickets. Admission is regularly $72 each.

Rieu, one of the best-selling live acts in the world, is a master of the violin and his international "And The Waltz Goes On Tour" is an ode to the waltz and named after his successful album for which he collaborated with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Send images to Steve Dunkelberger at . The Tacoma Weekly will be the final judge on all submissions.