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Friday, July 21, 2017 This Week's Paper
People won’t get to pay a lot of money to throw rotten tomatoes at each other in Puyallup

The powers that be at the Washington State Fair Events Center inform us that the Tomato Assault event scheduled for July 13 has been canceled.

For those of you scratching your heads right now - like we did, initially – an Amazon Local blurb we found on this thing describes it as “a unique event combining live music with inflatables, a beer garden, great food, a costume contest, and a tomato fight with 40,000 pounds of inedible tomatoes.”

Yep, people do that, ranch dressing optional. They even pay up to 60 bucks for the privilege, according to our research (read: Google search.) And before you call that a tremendous waste of money, consider that the event was to be a Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser, it's the kind of thing cool Euro types do and it ain't easy amassing all those rotten tomatoes. Here's a statement Tomato Assault CEO Brian Hallberg issued about that last part:

“With deep regrets we are confirming to you that we have been forced to cancel all Tomato Assault events planned this summer and fall due to an unforeseen inability to acquire tomatoes or suitable substitutes. We were truly looking forward to bringing our unique event to your area.  Please be assured we have tried every feasible avenue in order to avoid cancellation, and are very disappointed in our inability to go forward with the events."