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Thursday, July 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
New Tacoma super-group Furry Buddies kick out the jams at New Frontier (video)

Furry Buddies: The band's name is so quirky, cuddly and maybe perverted (depending on how you look at it) that you figure these boys will know how to get the party started.

And that's before you realize the core of the new Tacoma super-group is rawkin' power-trio Cody Foster Army. Cody Foster plays guitar and sings. Reno Dave Marseillan has emerged for behind his drum kit to split lead vocal duty and play bass. C.F.A. guitarist Dave Takata plays congas and gong. And rounding out the lineup last night at the New Frontier Lounge were drummer Rick Wilkinson, banana-suited keyboard player Benny Vasquez (of Vamanos fame) and gorilla-clad guitarist Travis Pellegrini.

I'm told Brandon Underwood joins them sometimes on trumpet. And with a lineup like that, you expect something groovier than C.F.A.'s agro guitar assault. Here's a couple of clips from last night's show to give you an idea.