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Thursday, June 29, 2017 This Week's Paper
McGovern wins romance honors, $15,000 check

It was made official today... finally. Harlequin announced that Emergency Food Network's head cheese, Helen McGovern, was one of the three winners in the nation of the romance novel publisher's "It's More Than (Just) Words" contest that honors great women doing remarkable things in their communities.

Some 111,000 online votes were cast and 7,800 Facebook shares made during the contest last fall as five nominees vied to place in the top three.

Each of the top three vote getters will now received a check for $15,000 to go toward the nonprofit of their choosing. For McGovern, that means food for those in need around Pierce County.

A side gift in the contest is that McGovern's story of leaving the corporate world of commercial real estate for a life of nonprofit service is in the works. The ebook will be ready for download in 2013.