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Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper
MAWP artist talks shop before the festival

With Music and Art in Wright Park just a few weeks away, it's Aug 10, as you know, we chat a bit with one of the artists who will be doing her thing creating coolness while the parade of bands strums away on stage.

Here Julie Luke talks art, the process and inspiration.

How would you describe your style and how has it evolved?

My style of art? I usually don’t like to categorize, but when I do, I feel it falls under the umbrella of visionary art. As for style esthetically, I use a lot of bold patterning that’s geometric, but organic in its approach. The Color use, patterning, and composition are just as important to the symbolism in my work, as the main characters. The evolution aspect of my art has become more of a refined dance over the years. Before it felt sort of like a mosh pit.I gauge my work based on energy and not exactly on esthetic, but welcomed the new peaceful promenade for it has increased the communication and channeling process.

Also, how do you think the music will affect your work while you create so close to the bands?

I adore music in all forms, and music is a key component to my creative process, so I feel it will only enhance the experience, I look forward to it!

Do you craft ideas ahead of time or is it more free flowing than that?

Visions come before hand in fragments, but I can feel the whole pictures energy. I know intuitively when a painting is completed when I match that initial vibration. I get piece by piece as I am in the moment of creating. So I value a mixture of both aspects of planning and free flowing, but definitely lean more towards the fluidic aspect of the process.

M.A.W.P. is a free, family-friendly, non-profit event. The effort of volunteers, local businesses, donations and good will are produce this free family friendly afternoon in Tacoma's downtown gem. The date for this year is Aug. 10, from noon to 7 p.m. Bands of all spectrum, 14 of them, will be on the list with artists performing live paintings and selling their art.

Food vendors, Parent participation art booths, and lots of smiles. While they last, we have free ear plugs available the day of the event. This is a Tacoma R-n-R festival you don't want to miss.

Here is links to the performing bands
Blanco Bronco
Deathbed Confessions
Big Wheel Stunt Show
Girl Trouble KRAMER
Mosquito Hawk
Not From Brooklyn
The Purrs
13 Scars
Gold Records