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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
Macklemore’s marriage equality anthem stirs up controversy in Michigan

Local hip-hop fans know that Macklemore is the hottest rapper to hail from Seattle since Sir Mix-A-Lot declared his love for gluteus maximus. And of late, a lot of the buzz has surrounded his marriage equality anthem “Same Love,” a cut that earned him notable praise from Ellen Degeneres. But now, it's stirring up controversy in the Midwest. As KING 5 reports, a Michigan teacher was suspended for playing Mack's song for her 8th grade class. Susan Johnson thought here kids might benefit from its core message, “human rights for everybody.” But one of her students complained, leading to her immediate suspension.

Macklemore responded on his web site: “I believe that Ms. Johnson getting suspended is completely out of line and unjust. However, I think it’s important for moments like these to be exposed and for us to pay attention and respond. This level of intolerance and fear is still very active in America, but at times is not completely visible.”

Read the rest here. Or click the YouTube video if you're not up to speed on the song. But NSFW warning: it does contain homophobic slurs, albeit in the context of speaking out against them.