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Thursday, July 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
Lonergan seeks second term

Tacoma City Council Member Joe Lonergan has announced he is seeking re-election to the Fifth District seat, representing voters South of 56th Street and West of McKinley.

“I surveyed the voters four years ago and then went to work on their priorities,” Lonergan said. “Several goals have been accomplished, but more remains to be done.”

Lonergan, 36, served last year as Deputy Mayor of Tacoma and is currently chair of the Government Performance and Finance Committee. He also represents Tacoma as Vice Chair of South Sound 911, the Zoo-Trek Authority and the Tacoma Gang Reduction Project.

Under the campaign theme, “Life is better South of 56th,” Lonergan lists improvements during his first term: two new grocery stores and the Pacific Sports Center, reduced prostitution and other crime, removal of 700 tons of debris through community cleanups, and street improvements such as the Alaska Street project.

“Those items were at the top of my voter survey, and I’m proud to have played a part in improving our quality of life,” said Lonergan. “We’ve also seen completion of Sounder commuter rail, improvements to Wapato Lake Park, and a tax reduction for small business to create more jobs in the South End.”

During the next four years, Lonergan pledged to maintain police and fire protection levels despite budget challenges, find solutions to community concerns and issues such as the future of the Manitou Community Center, and work with economic development leaders to fill vacant storefronts, including the large Lowe’s building on Hosmer Street.

Lonergan is self-employed as a Realtor, and is a graduate of Tacoma Baptist High School and Eastern Washington University. He and his wife Beth have two sons, one attending Fawcett Elementary, the other in preschool.