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Monday, July 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
Locals back SR 167 funding at state transportation forum

Local politicos and business boosters rallied last night to show their support for efforts to find funding to construct the last “critical mile” of State Route 167 that would finally connect the Puyallup Valley’s warehouse centers to shipping operations at the Port of Tacoma. The road was first envisioned more than 30 years ago, but has never been fully funded.

Elected officials from around Pierce County made their case at a forum last night in Tacoma that a group of state lawmakers organized in an effort to develop a roster of transportation packages around Washington that could be funded through a state-wide transportation package.

The completion of SR 167 would not only boost jobs in the South Sound by streamlining trucking routes between the Tideflats and distribution centers in the Puyallup Valley but also help control Interstate 5 gridlock by removing thousands of trucks from that roadway.

Local transportation watchers came close to listing the SR 167 funding on the state budget last session, but it was ultimately removed. But it was the closest the effort got to getting green lighted in years in an effort that is building political and business support for the $1.8 billion project.

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