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Monday, June 26, 2017 This Week's Paper
Listen to Big Wheel Stunt Show’s new Christmas cut, “Fireball”

Tacoma's Big Wheel Stunt Show debuted its new Christmas jam, “Fireball” on Enter the Rock Pitt with the Gimmer, the online radio show that drummer Justin Gimse hosts on As you may have read recently in the Weekly, the song is named after Rudolph's lesser-known reindeer buddy, Fireball, from the iconic 1964 Christmas special (viewable here.)

“He saves Christmas in a different way,” Gimse explained. “Not for personal glory, but to get these other reindeer a shot at it every year. It's just a quick kind of poppy Beach Boys and Grand Funk (Railroad) type tune.” Poppy, indeed. Between the fuzzed out guitar and the soulful, reverb-drenched refrain, this Christmas cut has got hooks for days. It was produced by Kurt Bloch, of Seattle power-pop outfit Young Fresh Fellows, who also produced Big Wheel's newest album, “Wonderful Life.” He also makes a cameo as the song's narrator.

Give it a listen here. And then you can support the band by purchasing your own copy, for 99 cents, through iTunes or CD Baby.