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Thursday, July 20, 2017 This Week's Paper
Latest Clue for Krakatuk Nut Search Announced

In partnership with local businesses, Tacoma City Ballet is sponsoring a scavenger hunt through the city.

Each month, TCB will publish clues leading to a different business in the community. Simply figure out the clue and head to the business to claim your prize! The catch? A limited number of prizes will be available at each location, so speed counts.

Searching for the Krakatuk Nut you are? Then like Drosselmeyer you must travel far.

Look for beautiful boxes containing the Golden Nut And other delightful prizes - Who can imagine what?

Only three boxes are hidden this month in our fair city And to figure out March's clue, you must be quite witty.

March's Krakatuk Clue: The spokes go 'round and 'round Plenty of fare and libations do abound. After pedaling a long while, You can really relax in style.

TCB hiding nuts throughout the city as part of the “Prequel to The Nutcracker” the ballet company will premier Dec. 7. This new act involves a beautiful princess, cursed by the evil Mouse Queen. To break the curse, Drosselmeyer (the magician known so well from The Nutcracker) has to find the magical Krakatuk Nut and the young man who is fated to crack it.

Tacoma City Ballet Artistic Director Erin M. Ceragioli is hand-painting a limited number of Krakatuk Nuts and hand-decorating small, jeweled cases to hold each prize. Each of these limited-run cases will hold a scroll with details on additional prizes. Prizes may include gift certificates, merchandise, or tickets to Tacoma City Ballet’s World Premier Prequel to The Nutcracker in December.