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Friday, July 28, 2017 This Week's Paper
Last night: Argonaut unveils new cut, bags on Canada

What was not to like about Thursday night's bill at the New Frontier Lounge? First, there was the return of the mightly Mahnhammer after a year off. Then there was the chance to see new Tacoma buzz band, Furry Buddies, featuring singer-bassist Cody Foster in full-on caveman wear (he already had the beard) and co-frontman Reno Dave Marseillan as some sort of freaky leopard-horse-man. Plus, Argonaut debuted brand, spankin' new material, including the cut I bootlegged below.

Argonaut singer-bassist Matt Sader says this little ditty bears the ponderous title “If Canada Is So Great Then Why Do Severed Feet Keep Washing Up There?” He insists he's not kidding and he hasn't gone to the Fiona Apple school of song naming.

“We were just ripping on Canada one day so Chad (bassist Baker) sent the recordings back calling that song that as a joke,” Mr. Sader explained, via Facebook, early in the a.m. “We liked it enough to keep it.”

In case you missed the scariest headlines to come from north of the border the last couple of years, the title is in reference to this. Click on the video for a sample of the band's new sound, and maybe I'll post a few more videos from last night through the course of the day.