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Sunday, June 25, 2017 This Week's Paper
How dare you, Justin Bieber!!!

And on the stories that should not remotely be of national interest front: By now, you may have heard that the whole “Justin Bieber got his laptop stolen in Tacoma” thing was just a hoax aimed at promoting the release of “Beauty and the Beat,” the Biebster's new video with Nicki Minaj.

A harmless PR stunt, right? Apparently, not based on the online outrage expressed by a few locals. Hey, we've worked hard to overcome that “gritty Tacoma” stereotype Seattleites keep pinning on us. And we don't appreciate the Biebernator making us look like a bunch of frickin' frackin' kleptos! Are you with us people?!? Are you with us???

Here's a brief cross section of the outrage, along with a couple of smart-alecs who are apparently not fond of Biebs or Tacoma:

And based on some of the reaction we're seeing on line, a few gritty Tacoman's don't appreciate their fair city being disparaged. Here's a sampling of the virtual fallout:

JB Sucks (at “really!?? You made my beloved town of Tacoma suffer taunts from fans and possible future performers not wanting to perform at the dome for lack of security.... all for a hoax?? What a jack a$$”

Willie ( “Hopefully some harm will come to him soon.”

Michael Bradley (“It's only fair......His "music" has made victims of us all.”

Twitter @seattleweekly: “So it was all a hoax ... Tacoma to Bieber: Hey, @#%@ You!”

onairjake ( Get over it. Tacoma is trash. I think it's hilarious. I actually believed it because he was in Tacoma. Now if he did this to Seattle... a city with more class, I might think different.

James Uhavetoask ( “I am surprised anyone will get near him with the Tacoma Aroma stinking him up. He already stunk anyway I guess. Tacoma is one armpit of Washington, the other is Everrott.” [Note: We are not changing people's spelling.]

[Editors note: OK, so those last two weren't exactly Tacoma boosters. Well, hater's gonna hate.]