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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 This Week's Paper
Help save a Tacoma historic treasure - only 10 hours left

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to save Tacoma's 1910 Northern Pacific Railroad Dining Car – a truly great arts treasure!
Nothing's worse as an artist than seeing your work in shambles, and time has not been kind to the dining dar. Think of the many world-class artisans of 1910 who must've worked long and lovingly on this beautiful 15-car fleet, carefully carving the amber wood of Cuban mahogany, blowing the glass of the fixtures, etching that of the windows, the metalworkers at their forges, the fiber artists constructing the blinds, the painters gilding the corners, so many together to create a veritable masterpiece. Meanwhile fledgling Tacoma was booming around them, thanks to the railroad. They stood proudly, watching and smiling at every curve and turn, their work going all the way to Chicago and back, saying, "I made that!" and beaming proudly with those words as every artist has done since the beginning of time. We see snapshots of this exciting era every day in our splendidly timeless architecture, the ballast cobbles and bricks that peek through our pavement as well as other carefully preserved forms of art from the period.
This is the last surviving car left of the 15. Together as a community we have the opportunity (and daresay a duty!) to save it and send it to a fine museum for all to enjoy. Won't you help? Please pledge if you can, and spread the word far and wide as the deepest cerulean blue sea. There are only 19 hours left to raise close to $6,000. Any artist who's ever done a Kickstarter (and that would likely be most) knows that the last few hours can also be the very best few hours and really make or break a project. And, in true artist spirit, the starting pledge is only $10, so even the most starving artist of today can be a full-fledged supporter of all that's magnificent about the history of our city's founding artisans, so that we may all still be able to enjoy it in the years to come.
Thank you, for anything you can do to help save this grand old dame! She, and her many artists, deserve no less.