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Monday, July 24, 2017 This Week's Paper
Have a spare bedroom for a teen in need?

Housing 4 Success is part of a county-wide effort to end youth and young adult homelessness by providing individuals with the tools they need to become self-sufficient.

H4S is recruiting for Host Homes in the community. Host Home pairs a young person experiencing homelessness with a caring individual/family that has a spare bedroom and wants to make a difference. Host Home Providers receive support services from a Housing Specialist along with financial assistance.

“People have two basic needs: food and shelter,” said Dana Coggon, a Tacoma resident who opened her spare room to become a Host Home. In December, Coggon was paired with a young homeless youth. “If I can give our spare room and a hand up to help someone be successful, it’s the least I can do.”

The youth and young adults accepted into the H4S program are screened, given assessments to determine individual needs, and assigned to a dedicated case manager to come up with a holistic plan to help them achieve their goals.

Coggon, her partner and youth living-mate get together once a week for dinner to check-in.

“This age is a sweet spot for me and my family. We get the opportunity to make a difference in his life, but he keeps his own schedule, is responsible and highly motivated.”

Each participant pursues educational and/or employment opportunities, a series of life skills classes and meets regularly with their case manager.

Participants graduate once they’ve achieved their goals and can successfully live on their own without subsidy.

Contact Carley Cysensky at (253)272-1532 or for more information or to schedule an interview.