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Thursday, July 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
Grow a beard, save the world - but ladies, keep it clean - says Budweiser

Apparently long, scraggly facial hair has more merit than just making mountain men, metal-heads, bikers and hipsters look sexy.

Growing out your beard can also help save the world. At about 5 gallons at a time, according to Budweiser.

Which is why the national beer company is urgining its male customer base to stop shaving through the launch of its new  "Grow One - Save A Million" campaign.

Budweiser is asking adult men across America to help save one million gallons of water by not shaving in the days and weeks leading up to World Environment Day (June 5).  

Consumers 21 years of age and older can visit Budweiser’s Facebook page ( to make a pledge and share the program with Facebook friends.  Participants can commit to a range of options, from a few days to multiple wee

Budweiser also goes on to say that the "ladies can get involved by recruiting male friends or family members." 


I guess that means the Budweiser men want to keep their "ladies" clean shaven, even at the expense of Mother Nature.

I smell a double standard!