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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
First benefit show scheduled for stolen Nightgowns, Wheelies gear

Forget that Justin Bieber chump. Two of Tacoma’s most popular indie bands, the Nightgowns and Wheelies, actually did get ripped off, to the tune of 20 grand worth of gear.

Band members say a whole slew of instruments went missing from the Nightgowns’ downtown Tacoma practice space early Monday morning, putting the kibosh on recording sessions for Wheelies’ forthcoming CD, among other things. That album's producer, the Nightgowns’ Kyle Brunette, posted this rant on Facebook:

“Someday you might want to see a Nightgowns show? Not happening now. Our keyboard with all our sequences got stolen. You want to see the Wheelies again? They don’t own guitars now, and all of Tom’s hand built pedals are lost. Sunday night, my practice got robbed all my guitars were stolen. All my guitars were budget guitars, but I knew the magic of them and how to record them. I personally bought most my instruments working dead end minimum wage jobs. These instruments were part of the Nightgowns, the Wheelies, the Make Up Monsters, the Night Beats, Paris Spleen recordings. Tacoma music got robbed.”

Top of Tacoma has turned its annual Pray for Snow party into a benefit for the bands. The event is scheduled for 10 p.m. on Nov. 30 with Mighty High headlining. There is a $5 suggested donation, and it’s probably safe to assume more benefit shows are in the works.

A new Facebook group has also been started, aimed at catching a-holes that steal local rockers’ gear. Check out descriptions of missing items at

Meanwhile, the Nightgowns Cody Lee Jones provided this list of his band's stolen gear to look out for:

  1. 1966 Fender Mustang (Brown with white pick guard)

  2. Fender American Telecaster (White w/black pick guard) 1990's

  3. 1963 Univox Sunburst hollow body electric guitar

  4. Custom made Baritone Telecaster body (natural with holes drilled in the sides of the body, strat-style headstock

  5. Korg TR88 (huge black 88 key keyboard)

  6. Roland JX-3p Vintage Keyboard

  7. Fender Mustang Bass (white with pearl pick guard)

  8. Fender Mexican Jazz Bass Natural (Heavily sanded finish with very beat up black pick guard)

  9. Danelectro 12 string electric (Sunburst Finish)

  10. Fender Strat Wood Grain (stamps all over body)

  11. Allen and Heath 24 channel blue mixing board model 24/2

  12. Fender Mexican Strat (sunburst with white pick guard)

  13. Ibanez RG Series Electric guitar w/floyd rose (grey)

  14. Zildjian 14in K Session Dark hi-hat cymbal top

  15. Zildjian 14in Avedis Mastersound hi-hat cymbal bottom

  16. Zildjian 20 in. A Custom Crash Cymbal

  17. Devi Ever Helios Pedal

  18. Effector 13 Aenima Pedal

  19. MXR Carbon Copy Delay Pedal

  20. Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport Pedal

  21. Ibanez TS9 tube screamer Pedal

  22. Digitech Hardwire RV7 Pedal

  23. TC Electronic Polytune Pedal

  24. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 power supply

  25. 4MS Tremulous Lune Pedal

  26. Zvex Box Of Rock Pedal

  27. 1982 Ibanez tube screamer UE300 pedal

  28. Boss MD2 Mega Distortion pedal

  29. Boss TU2 tuner Pedal