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Sunday, July 23, 2017 This Week's Paper
Firefighters train at abandon house in Fife

Tacoma RV Center in Fife wanted to expand its parking lot, but had a problem. An abandon house sat in the middle of the site of the future parking lot.

A call to Tacoma Fire Department solved that issue. Firefighters spent Tuesday setting the house on fire only to dose the flames with water and set the house on fire again throughout the day. The practice burn allowed firefighters to keep their flame handling skills sharp, without worrying about actual victims and damage control.

“Usually, this happens every few years,” said Battalion Chief Lincoln Correa.

The City of Fife is served by Tacoma Fire Department engines, with a Station 12 at 2015 54th Ave . E.

The training involved crews from five different stations that included four engine crews, two medic units and two squads, which are firefighters with quick-action, but limited response equipment that were the product of the recent downsizing in the department.

Safety officers and fire observers watched the crews rotate through their fire or rescue response missions to provide post-training review comments and monitor safety procedures.