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Thursday, July 27, 2017 This Week's Paper
Fife mayor resigns, preps to move to Georgia

Fife Mayor Glenn Hull has issued a statement about the news that he will be leaving the city and his role as mayor tonight because his wife has accepted a job in Georgia.

"It has been my great honor over the past six weeks to serve as the tenth Mayor of this great city," Hull stated. "As an elected official for the past six years, I had the privilege of spearheading many major initiatives that will have a lasting and positive impact on Fife residents. This resignation will soon be followed by my departure from the city in late March. As some already know, my wife has been an aerospace engineer with the Boeing Company for the past nine years. Last week, she officially accepted an offer with the Gulfstream Aerospace Company that will allow our family to relocate to Southeast Georgia."

Key to his recent time on the council has been the controversy around the opening of 54th Avenue, which is blocked by a fence surrounding railroad tracks. "Along with staff, I have been meeting privately with the Union Pacific Railroad and the Puyallup Tribe of Indians," he wrote. "My goal was to begin the conversation with our partners about raising the needed money that will allow for the reopening of 54th Avenue at the Union Pacific Railroad crossing. The public hearing we held last year, on this topic presented two differing community points of view. One was about a neighborhood and school who feel much safer now than before, and another about a story of isolation and the false promises of a developer. There is no debate, however, that a safe and functioning crossing will connect our community and meet the long term needs we have for public safety and economic development."

The pricetag for the work has been set at about $20 million.

"As I close this chapter of my life and open a new one, I will miss you all," Hull continued. "I have met many new friends who have become a part of my family. The staff and elected leaders of Fife have helped to make this experience a positive one. If there is any wisdom I can impart to this community, it goes something like this, 'Take control of your destiny, work hard at achieving it, and continue to elect strong leaders who are willing to stand up and represent your needs throughout the region. There is no such thing as a stagnate community, you are either getting better or worse.'"