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Friday, June 23, 2017 This Week's Paper
Don’t miss the official tailgate party for Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ tour

Hey, Taylor Swift fans! When the superstar brings her “Red” tour to town on Aug. 31, the official tailgate – or make that “TaylorGate” – party will be happening just a few steps away from the Tacoma Dome at Ammar’s Mediterranean Grill, 409 E. 26th St.
Running from noon to 7 p.m., and for all ages, there will be a beer garden, games, raffles, prizes, karaoke and live music by The Mural Project, Courtney Strickland and Anthony Disparte. $5 entry fee goes to the American Red Cross.
TaylorGate’s president and CEO Hannah Smith plans for TaylorGate to be so huge that it becomes an entity across the country at future Taylor Swift shows. She wants fellow “Swifties” to TaylorGate for charity in their own towns for Total TaylorGate Domination.
Working with Smith on Team TaylorGate are Paula Broussard, vice-president of internal affairs; Danielle Dideon, vice-president and activities coordinator; Adam Smith, head of security; and Margaret Moore, web development and maintenance. All of them are true Swift fans contributing to Total TaylorGate Domination in their own unique and creative ways, while giving back to a deserving charity at the same time.
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