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Thursday, June 29, 2017 This Week's Paper
Don’t freak, Tacoma’s going every other week garbage collection

Every-other-week garbage collection begins March 11 for about 5,700 single-family households in a portion of North Tacoma. Customers will automatically receive double their current garbage capacity with either a new double-sized container or a second same-sized container.

The remaining 47,500 households will switch to every-other-week collection in phases through November 2013. Customers will receive advance notice by mail and phone.

Here’s a general timeline — subject to change — for when and where Solid Waste Management plans to implement the switch to every-other-week garbage collection.
• Monday garbage customers: March/April
• Tuesday garbage customers: June/July
• Wednesday garbage customers: August/September
• Thursday garbage customers: October/November
• Friday garbage customers: April/May

“Our customers can expect the same level of service as before,” said Mike Slevin, Environmental Services interim director. “They’ll be able to dispose of the same amount of garbage as usual.”

During the every-other-week garbage collection pilot program conducted in 2011, Solid Waste Management demonstrated that this approach will result in less garbage being disposed, increased recycling, reduced vehicle emissions and a smaller carbon footprint, and greater efficiency in collection.

For more information, visit, or call Solid Waste Management, at(253) 591-5543.